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March 12, 2008



Very cool! I love the contrast of the lamp in the first picture too. It is a little startling when you scroll down because it's not what your eyes expect! The second picture looks like a picture of a real band that has been tweaked using embossing or something of the sort in Photoshop. I am assuming it was a mural too... is that right?


Thanks, Claire! The band is real, actually! The picture looked weird when I downloaded I tried hard light in Photoshop...kinda makes it look like a mural, doesn't it? Does 'look photoshopped' though, which is a pity...

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A Wartime Prayer

  • Eleanor Roosevelt:
    Dear Lord, Lest I continue My complacent way, Help me to remember that somewhere, Somehow out there A man died for me today. As long as there be war, I then must Ask and answer Am I worth dying for?

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