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March 25, 2008


Ky Woman

Oh Piper, I so agree with you on these two milblogs. You should see my list... It's no wonder I get so far behind on my other tasks. ;-) I'm going to make another recommendation for you to read. This is a personal favorite, and I'm just a tad bit biased.
He will be home soon.(Hooray!) Check out his archives though. I could go on and on with more of the milblogs I read. But I won't.
Awwww, I just noticed you linked to me. Thank you so much. The ripples are spreading. ;-)


Thanks, KY Woman! That's a fascinating blog and I am so glad to hear he's headed home. Must add to my list...

Ky Woman


Thank you so much for linking to his... You have been added to the list for him to personally thank when he gets home. I can't hardly wait! On pins and needles I am.


I'm so happy for you, KY Woman!! It must be a heady mix of anticipation and excitement and relief...

..and pins add needles :-)


I will check these out, and I will pass them on to Mr. H!. He loves seeing new milblogs. KY Woman's recommendation is a good one for sure. Great blog, and so glad to hear of a pending home coming!

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