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February 13, 2008



Thank you for my "fix!" Bryan is looking on too. We both really enjoy your pictures. You do such a good job capturing the scenery around you and then I love reading your captions. He thought the picture in the other post (the tiger skin clad horse) was interesting too. He thinks it's probably symbolic, but is not sure what it would represent.


You're welcome! I've posted my pictures...let me know what you think!

I wonder if the tiger skin represents courage in battle? As in 'he earned his stripes'?

Your comment made me think of Tipu Sultan, an Indian ruler who was known as the 'Tiger of Srirangapatnam' for his courage in battle against the British.

The again - if it does represent valour, shouldn't the tiger skin be facing forward? :-?


Well, it probably shouldn't be facing the horses rear end, anyway (if it's supposed to be a symbol for valor anyway!) ;) I will definitely go and check the pics out and let you know what I think. It's like taking a mini-trip for me! I love seeing the cool places you have been!

Ky Woman

Thank you for the wonderful trip to Lisbon. I enjoyed it immensely. Oh, the places I can visit via my minds eye and the 'net'. And you are such a wonderful tour guide.

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