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Places from memory

  • visiting Ooty, the nearest town
    One weekend a month - we'd get to visit Ooty, the nearest town, on an 'outing'. It was a real treat... Here are some of the places I remember off the top my head. * King Star Bakery * Mohan's Department Store * Higginbotham's * Shinkow's - the Chinese Restaurant * Kurinji's (mmmm....paper dosas...) * Blue Hills Lodge. h/t to Yohaan for the last three. His choices at the BHL: ceylon paratha and chicken curry.

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March 31, 2010


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Deepa Alexander

Loved that story Priya!! Love traveling down memory lane - I can just picture Cuppan's face as I read it. No wonder you are a vegetarian!! :-)

Unnati Joshi-Dandgaval

Loved that story and do remember hearing about that!!


LOL! It was quite a scene! I think I might write a bit more about some of our support staff.vI wish today I had learned more about Cuppan's life. His non-Lovedale life, that is....and then there were Hameeda, Sounderraj, Harriet, Ammani...give me a few more names!

Deepa Alexander

Velu was one of the 2 cooks - I can picture the other guy's face - but cannot remember his name.

Asha Prabhakaran

There was Joe, Natraj and Janaki (with a huge kettle with coffee for the 10th and 12th graders to study late into the night......)

Cecily Thomas

Met Soundi at our reunion. A little grey but otherwise the same.He was a terror back then...


Hi Priya - happy to see you're back, renewing our memories about school again through your lovely blog posts.

Do you remember what a wizard Kuppan used to be with the water boiler in Girls' School? He used to fire it up in time for Baths and keep it going the whole hour. And when we had problems who did we go to but Kuppan, sitting behind the kitchens in the woodshed!


Hi, Malini - and thank you so much!
He was a master, wasn't he? :-) I might have to do a whole post on the showers...and some of the games we played while waiting our turn...thanks for sparking that memory!

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    ...high up in the blue hills of Southern India...and within the open spaces of Lawrence School, Lovedale. This boarding school is over 150 years old; it is where I spent nine years of my life - grades 4-12. Lovedale is an endless fount of stories...and I hope you enjoy reading mine! Names of teachers and students have almost all been changed to protect the privacy of innocents.

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