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  • visiting Ooty, the nearest town
    One weekend a month - we'd get to visit Ooty, the nearest town, on an 'outing'. It was a real treat... Here are some of the places I remember off the top my head. * King Star Bakery * Mohan's Department Store * Higginbotham's * Shinkow's - the Chinese Restaurant * Kurinji's (mmmm....paper dosas...) * Blue Hills Lodge. h/t to Yohaan for the last three. His choices at the BHL: ceylon paratha and chicken curry.

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February 14, 2010


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Kevin Phillips

According to the Admissions Register, Ronald Norman James Jones joined on the 20.02.1928
Samuel Joseph Jones joined on 12.03.1927. Is he a relative?
The oldest known Lawrencian is Florence Hipwood, 97 years young. She still attends the London Reunions.
Kevin Phillips
Aravalli 1948-1956

Saaz Aggarwal

Priya, thanks for posting this. Looking at the photo, I felt that this could have been any of the boys I knew at school - it could have been my brother. Everything looked so familiar - the building, the lawns, the uniform ... and to think it was taken before even my parents were born ...
I feel proud to belong to such an old and worthwhile tradition.

Karan Bali

Nice reading this. Shows what a history school has, not just its own but in its students as well.

Mathew Antony

This bond is stronger than the word. An anchor in the raging seas of time, a retreat of serenity in the struggles of responsible life, and a beacon of enduring values. Go, Lovedale, go. Go, Priya, go!

Rashid Kapadia

Hello Priya; Nice posting. Have not visited your page for quite a while. It's good to be back.

Ron Jones: What a pleasure to read about you.

From across the pond in Houston TX
A loud "Well done." Perhaps you could share some NEVER GIVE IN stories from your school days onwards.

Lyrics from Yohan Chacko's song coalesce into fuzzy nostalgia connecting us like 2 ships that passed at night.

Oh Lawrence school; it's plain to see that in your soul lies a part of me. Oh, Lawrence school I know its true, that in my soul lies a part of you.

Very Best Regards.

Rashid Kapadia


Thank you all! Roger sent this note from Ron that I thought I would share. The reunion referred to here is the OL meeting in the UK on April 17th.

"Ron has asked me to thank you for all you have done for him to reunite him with the Blue Hills of his youth. He is doubtful about the reunion, it will depend finally upon what his family can do to get him to the Gymkhana Club for the 17th April and whether he could summon enough energy to meet the occasion, more difficult for him now he is blind"

Edward Haliburn

I have just come to know that 2 ancestors of mine where at the Lawrence Assylum Lovedale in 1874 after being orphaned.

1)William H Halliburn
2)Henry Edward Haliburn

Could you please furnish any other details as to father and mother and when did they leave the school.
Ed Haliburn


Hi, Ed! That's fascinating! I wonder if Kevin Phillips might have some thoughts here - he does maintain an extensive database. Not sure how far back it reaches, however. If you would like to email me at I will see if I can connect the two of you.

Julian Jones

Boarding schools are not that bad, afterall many of us passed through them and we didn't turn out bad. There are still some nice boarding schools out there... Me thinks a good boarding school helps give the kids an early start at being independent.

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