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    One weekend a month - we'd get to visit Ooty, the nearest town, on an 'outing'. It was a real treat... Here are some of the places I remember off the top my head. * King Star Bakery * Mohan's Department Store * Higginbotham's * Shinkow's - the Chinese Restaurant * Kurinji's (mmmm....paper dosas...) * Blue Hills Lodge. h/t to Yohaan for the last three. His choices at the BHL: ceylon paratha and chicken curry.

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February 04, 2008


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On a less sombre note (and regarding the singing, not the cemetery), favourite tunes during our time at Lawrence were the ones in which we could perform actions or mutilate the words, or those we could interpret (misinterpret) in some strange way.

An example: The line 'Sare jahan se achcha', was always followed by the chorus 'cha cha cha', much to the consternation of the master in charge of singing, whoever that happened to be at the time. Even when admonished not to sing this chorus, we would persist in a loud whisper.... that echoed throughout the hall.

With 'Lord, Dismiss us with Thy Blessing', we waited eagerly for the final verse, and as we sang out more lustily than ever, 'Year by year a richer store', a whole row of boys would turn to stare pointedly at one of the lighter-fingered members of our community. And, when we got to, 'Those returning, Those returning', all heads would turn in the direction of some poor soul who was considered a little short of grey matter, and would certainly be returning to school the following year.

But what lovely tunes they were, and how long they have remained with us!


That brought back memories, Nick..we used to do the cha-cha-cha bit as well!!

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